Brewery Stops on our Tour

At Fun Coast Tours, our Brewery Bus Tour operates both in the afternoon and the evening and each tour includes visits to 5 locations (including your pickup/drop off location). Because we operate in afternoons and weekends as well, the hours of each of the locations we visit vary, as a result, the Friday evening tour will not be the same as the Sunday afternoon tour, for example.

Our starter and finisher locations (pickup/drop off locations) are always the same regardless of the day; these locations may be closed at either the pickup or drop off time, but will be open for one or the other.

If one of our guests is not a beer drinker but wants to come along for the fun, have no fear, half of the breweries we stop at also serve liquor; we don’t want to leave anyone out.

We are including this page to allow you to become familiar with each location by visiting their website directly from ours.

Copper Bottom Craft Distillery

We know a distillery is not a brewery, but skills are skills. The good people at Copper Bottom make spirits on site and are excellent at what they do. We like to make this our fist stop on the tour when they are open for business, the saying goes “liquor before beer and you’re in the clear”. This stop will also help to satisfy any liquor-only drinkers along for the ride…

World’s Most Famous Brewery

Technically, The World’s Most Famous Brewery at The Pallet Pub but was once just The Pallet Pub. The owners petitioned to open the only brewery in beachside Daytona in October of 2020 and were approved. Located on Main Street, this is the brewery closest to the hotels where most visitors to Daytona Beach stay.

Red Pig Brewery

Red Pig Brewery was opened in 2018 and we are glad they did; The owner, Red, is a skilled craftsman that takes the utmost pride in his brews. Many people returning to the bus after this stop report that Red Pig is their favorite brewery on the stop.

Ormond Garage

The Ormond Garage has been loved by locals since opening and has developed a loyal following. The food is amazing and the beer is to die for (don’t die, my insurance isn’t that good). The Ormond Garage is the stating location for our Ormond Beach tours.

Dunes Brewing

Coming 10/1/2021

Dunes Brewing is a coastal brewery located under the Dunlawton Bridge in Port Orange, FL. They will be opening their doors for friends, both local and transient, on Friday, October 1st, 2021. Jeremy Shaw has hand crafted six beers for their opening rotation. They are as follows: Black Tide Schwarzbier Lager, Mrs. Bumstead Blond Ale, Undertow Porter, Down Under Classic IPA, Sunglow Saison, and the Farmhouse Belgian Ale. They are looking forward to being an integral part in our community here, one beer at a time.

Beachside Brew Pub

Beachside Brew Pub is the brewery on our regular tour that is closest to the beach but the furthest from the other breweries, but we think it’s worth the trip, we hope you will too. This brewery is located on A1A in Ormond Beach Shores and many patrons choose to drink outside in the open air.

Tomoka Brewing Company

Tomoka Brewing Company, located in Port Orange is the furthest brewery we visit and currently we only do on Sundays because of the distance, when we add a second bus, this will be a regular stop because of the great food and fantastic beer, not to mention the atmosphere.

McK’s Tavern & Brewery

McK’s is a great local spot because they are both an Irish Tavern and Brewery, checking every box most people need to check. This is a great place to get drinks inside or outside. Located on Beach Street in the Daytona Beach Historic District, conveniently located near some of the hip stores and boutiques the area has to offer.

Daytona Taproom

Although not technically a brewery, The Daytona Taproom offers 52 beers on tap and great food. This is a perfect spot to get some food in your belly as you wait for the bus; The Daytona Taproom is the starting location for the Daytona Beach Tour.