Segway Tours

Segway Tours

If you have ever wanted to ride a Segway, take a look at the tours we have to offer. We think you will find something you like. Regular Segways can carry a maximum of 260 pounds but ours can support riders up to 330 pounds! We have even hosted tours with riders up to 370 pounds! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t enjoy Daytona Beach Segway tours. Enjoy your vacation in a way you’ve only imagined. We will find a way to get you up on two wheels with the wind in your hair.

We will take you out on the sand whenever possible because you come to Daytona for the beach. Choose from the tour offerings below and then schedule your ride at the bottom of the page!

“The Beach Run”

This is less of a tour and more of a chance to get out and enjoy a Segway ride in the sun and on the sand. Feel free to wear you bathing suit or trunks and take a dip on the ride, you won’t be the first! The Beach Run is a 60-minute ride after the 15-minute safety training, it is also our most affordable ride. Your guide will be along to ensure your safety and steer your group away from areas where riding is prohibited.

“Daytona at Dusk”

You may not think of ghosts when you think of Daytona Beach, if you did then you wouldn’t need us. Don’t expect to lose any sleep after this guided tour, we mostly lead it as the sun is about to set and not in full dark. We feel that in the dark, Segways are possibly more dangerous than the spirits. Since your safety is our main goal, we do not operate after dark. After the 15-minute safety training, this is a 90-minute ride that covers local history and highlights some of the most notorious and haunting tales that Daytona Beach has to offer for $65.

“Ride & Seek”

For $90, use our app that takes your team of intelligence operatives through the Daytona Beach Historic District. You’ll hunt for clues to find an agent that has gone missing while investigating occultists. Each clue will guide your team to the next and you will ultimately be led to where the agent was last heard from. This tour can last 2 hours after the 15-minute safety training and combines a Segway ride, a scavenger hunt, and an escape room for an afternoon of fun and adventure.